Home delivery or collection service for homemade Spanish, British and Irish food  


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Caldo (Chicken and Ham Bone broth) 500g

Clear broth infused with chicken and ham bones, onions, celery, carrots and fresh herbs.


Leek and Potato Soup (vegetarian) 500g

Leeks, potatoes, onions, garlic, olive oil and vegetable stock


Vegetable Soup (Vegan) 500g

Onions, garlic, carrots, leeks, mushrooms, celery, oregano, salt, pepper, olive oil.


Andalucian Asparagus Soup (Vegan) 500g

Asparagus, onions, garlic, bread, olive oil, paprika, cumin, fresh parsley, salt, pepper.

Serving suggestion: Once ready to serve, quickly fry an egg in olive oil, over a medium to high heat, until crispy around edges. Cut into strips with cooking scissors directly over the bowl and mix in.


Broccoli and Stilton Soup (Vegetarian) 500g

Broccoli, Stilton, Onions, garlic, celery, vegetable stock, full fat milk, fresh herbs, salt, white pepper and olive oil.


Albóndigas  (Beef and Pork Meat balls) 500g

Prime beef and pork minced from steaks, with herbs, fresh breadcrumbs and eggs. Sauce made with the meat juices, onions, garlic, tomatoes, carrots, celery, white wine and stock)


Irish Stew 500g

Lamb, bacon, onions, carrots, celery, potatoes, thyme, fresh parsley, bay leaves, chicken and lamb stock, olive oil.


Fabada (Butter bean stew with chorizo and bacon) 500g

Butter beans, cooking chorizo, onions, smoked paprika, Saffron, Salt and olive oil


Lentejas 500g (vegan)

Lentils, onions, garlic, celery, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, green beans



All the above to be defrosted thoroughly and then heated in a pan or in the microwave until piping hot.


Croquetas  x6

Chicken, homemade chicken and ham stock, onions, garlic, nutmeg, herbs, full fat milk, butter, flour, olive oil, fresh breadcrumbs



These can be cooked from frozen. No, you can't shallow fry or cook in the oven.  Please deep fry (in a fryer or small saucepan). Either use olive oil or mix olive oil and vegetable oil. This oil can be re-used a couple of time for more croquetas or similar. Sieve well and keep excess oil in a jar.

I can also make vegetarian (spinach and mushroom) or seafood croquetas for you if you prefer, just ask.



Pork loin tenderised and stuffed with serrano ham, coated in egg and breadcrumbs and fried in Olive oil. Defrost and place in preheated oven for 10 mins until piping hot and crispy on the outside. Can be cut into 4 or 5 as a tapa, or with some homemade chips and salad as a main course.


Pork and Chorizo Empanada

Pastry: Flour, olive oil from frying the onions and peppers, eggs, white wine and salt

Filling: Pork, Chorizo, onions, peppers, garlic, tomato puree, white wine, salt, pepper and saffron


Empanada Gallega

As above but with Tuna instead of meat.



These pastries are frozen raw for best results. They are not meant to be served hot (best at room temperature). Once defrosted, coat with egg wash (if you have eggs) if not, a little milk and then brush with a little olive oil 5 mins before taking out of the oven, so that it goes golden. Bake for 15-20 mins (Approx - just keeping checking) at 180˚.