La Cala Corporate is run by two sisters – Anneliese and Katie Kiely. We are both experienced and friendly chefs and we deliver professional and fun cookery team building days. The team cookery days are bespoke and we ensure that we build the days that best suit you and your requirements.


The aim of the day is for everyone to have fun and to learn how to make authentic delicious dishes. We also hope that through our challenge days we will encourage your team mates to bond, understand each others strengths and skills and carry this through to the workplace. We believe that our cooking days improve morale, and boost performance, creativity and imagination.




Package 1: The Paella Challenge


This is our most popular cooking challenge. At the start of the day you are shown how to make the perfect paella from start to finish, whilst enjoying a glass of Spanish wine. You are then split up into teams to recreate the dish, and only one team will be the winner. We will all then sit down and eat our wonderful paellas along with some fine Spanish regional wines.


Package 2: Tapas Evening Challenge


Our participants love learning how to cook a range of delicious tapas. We will show you how to make tortilla, flamenquines, patas bravas with brava sauce and salmorejo. Split up into your teams you will then have to decide who takes the role of head chef , who is charge of which station and away you go! The judges will then decide who has made the tastiest tapas. We will all sit down at the end and match our tapas with a range of Spanish wines.


The Venues

Our corporate days can be run from your own office space or other local venues ranging from village halls through to high end hotels and even the Army and Flying Museum in the hanger where Prince Harry got his wings.