Cookery lessons 


I teach from my kitchen in Romsey. Let me know what you would like to learn and I will show you how to make the dish (step by step) as well as preparing a detailed receipe for you with tips and tricks (not published anywhere online) to take home.

  • Clear on-site instructions, with take home step by step recipes 

  • Either prepare for a special meal and take food home ready to finish just before eating or make large batches of your favourite Spanish dishes so that you can enjoy some on the day and freeze various portions in vacuum packed bags for future meals.

  • Any future problems when cooking? You can email or arrange a facetime to talk it through.

  Examples of dishes you will learn to make:

  • Gambas pil pil

  • Tortilla de patatas (vegetarian)

  • Salsa brava

  • Flamenquines (pork loin, stuffed with serrano ham)

  • Albóndigas (Pork and beef meatballs in vegetable and white wine sauce or in an almond, white wine and saffron sauce)

  • Croquetas  (vegetarian or chicken)

  • Pealla (vegan, seafood, mixta etc…)

  • Lemon and garlic pork steaks in breadcrumbs (Served in lemon and garlic sauce)

  • Patatas bravas (vegan)

  • Lentejas (vegan)

  • Lentejas (with black pudding and chorizo)

  • Emapanada (vegetarian, Gallega or Pork and Chorizo)


  • Tarta de Santiago (almonds, eggs, sugar and lemon - gluten free)

  • Flan casero (crème caramel)


£25 per hour per person plus ingredients (reduced rate for small groups)